Get To Know Your Author


i know i know i'm not one of those famous authors out here (since i'm actually the co-author on all of my fic) but i wanna do this..

so here you go!




Hair colour:

- Dark Brown

Eye colour:

- Dark Brown to Black

Skin colour:

- Tan

Most favourable facial feature:

- Eyelashes

Most disliked facial feature:

- My deep dark circled eyes


- 162 cm

Body type:

- Too chubby for my liking



- Rani


- 21


- Indonesia

Country of origin:

- Indonesia + somewhere from the South Asia

Favourite colour:

- Pink

Favourite animal:

- Kitten and Puppies



20 Random Questions:

Summer or Winter?

- Winter

Do you have a special talent?

- I can sing

Do you think you are a strong person?

- No :(

What are your phobias?

- Lizards and onions :(

When do you feel most calm?

- When i'm doing Yoga

What inspires you?

- Taylor Swift.

What do you dislike about yourself?

- I'm too lazy sometimes

What are your top three favourite colours?

- Pink, Green, and Yellow

What are your hobbies?

- Singing! and reading i guess

What is your favourite subject?

- Fashion History <3

What are three of your current favourite songs?

- Miracles In December - EXO

- Happily - One Direction

- Wake Me up - Avicii

What is your favourite day of the week?

- Saturday

How would you describe your current mood?

- Just okay, im felling lazy today hahaha

What are your future goals?

- I want a find a job (im jobless now) hopefully in Bali lol

What artists do you like?

- EXO, SNSD, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Jonas Brothers (lol they broke up), umm also Super Junior and SHINee !

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

- 1992~

Which artists do you dislike?

- BAP (sorry)

What is your favourite month?

- August

Do you believe in love?

- of course

What is a saying/quote that you live by?

- alwast save the best for the last

Last beverage:

- Indian Hot Chai

Last text message:

- Asking the maid to buy me chicken lol (cause he's outside)

Last song you listened to:

- Pump It Up (its an old song i dont know who sing it lol)

Last time you cried

- Last week, had a fight with my mom. 


Ever got back with someone you’ve been with before?

- No.

Ever been cheated on?

- Nope

Ever kissed someone and regretted it?

- umm no

Ever lost someone special?

- yes :(

Ever been depressed?

- yep!!!!!!

This year have you…

Made a new friend?

- Yes.

Met someone that changed you?

- yes!

Do you want to change your name?

- Noooo

What can’t you wait for?

- moving

What were you doing at midnight last night?

- talking with my mom and sis

When was the last time you saw your mother?

- just now

What is the webpage you visit the most?

- asianfanfics!

What is your relationship status?

- Singleeee

What do you worry over the most?

- getting fat

First surgery?

- teeth surgery

First piercing?

- on my ears when i was 7 

First sport you joined?

- swimming

Do you want kids?

- hell yesssss

Do you want to get married?

- Maybe.

What career do you want?

- fashion designer (i already am actually)

Ideal type…


- Male.

Older or younger?

I dunno.. just please dont be too young!

Shorter or taller?


Romantic or spontaneous?



- he can be korean, indonesian, american or just whatever i dont care as long as he's straight and he loves me (and he's rich duh!)

Lips or eyes?

- eyes

Appearance or personality?



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