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1. What's the best song you've ever heard?

busker busker's cherry blossom ending and WOTE's speeches/gang of rythm. all 3 songs are so good<3

2. Are you apart of any roleplays?

nope. I don't get the concept of it honestly...

3. If yes, which ones? If no, would you ever be apart of one?

no i won't cause i'll rather read and play~

4. Who are the better dancers, SHINee or Infinite?

Infinite is more in sync while SHINee has really cool and hard dances... so i can't really judge unless i see them both perfom the same song... :P

5. Have you ever mentally planned your dream wedding? And to your bias?

nope... and it's not to my bias cause its like imagining earth without the moon and the sun!

6. Ashton Kutcher or Josh Hutcherson? (I will judge you on your answer.)

... Ashton Kutcher...? I don't know mutch, but my friends love ashton so...

7. Harry Potter or Twilight? (This too.)


8. How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory?


9. What's your favourite childhood memory?

My grandpa's farm! :) 

10. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

FRIED RICE! I cant live without rice! 

11. Would you have a one night stand with your bias?

nope. i dont think the concept of one night stands is exactly the correct thing.


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  3. Your favourite band, musician, idol... list them here!
  4. List your favourite people in the whole world~!
  5. If you have been to a concert, what about the experience did you enjoy or not? if you have never been to a conerct, describe your dream concert here!
  6. What kind of lifestyle do you lead, and would you change anything about it?
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  11. Something that your friends on AFF do not know about :)


  1. EXOrlab ( i want to know more about you since we're going to KMW together!^^)
  2. Earthunderwind (My awesome BFF)
  3. iamab2uty (MIRRRRR<3)
  4. Nichiren (omg if he does this i'll just be jumping around super high~~)
  5. milktea_25 (i love your stories, specially "i can't believe im marrying you")
  6. racheluvyoseob (YOUR GOING KMW TOO??? ;DDDD OMG WHERE)
  7. Pab0Panda (cause ur dp is awesomely cute<3)
  8. dream_keeper88 (you so awesome, and you constantly remind me how to NOT get banned everywhere! haha)
  9. FanyJess (FELLOW SONE HELLO ;D)
  10. Taekeybb (thank you for following my story~~<3)
  11. supersoneic (thank you, as well for following! not advertising on your wall, kekeke~)
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