EXO drama part 2

I Don't understand the story T.T and is there part 3?


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leeeunhyee #1
wanna wait again..T^T..when Exotics going to wait til??!!!
whoops. forgot to add one part e u e. after the taking the picture of the girl, they kidnapped her e u e.
lmao. i don't know if there's a 3rd one but
i understood the second one o/

so, in the beginning exo & that girl were visiting d.o at the hospital. luhan saw them and ran away e u e;. the girl chased after him and took care of him at his house. when luhan & that girl went out of
his house, kai was standing out there and he like took him by the collar or something and pushed him to the wall while the girl walked away. while the girl was walking away, one of the people in the gang
that 1st part that beat exo up took a picture of the girl and showed the rest of that gang. i guess they sended luhan that pic and luhan came to save her but called exo as well. luhan was getting beat up but then exo came. they kicked some o u o /slapped. and while exo were fighting, luhan came to the girl to save her but two people from that gang were beside her and holding her still. luhan was blocking one of the guys' from that gangs hands but he didn't block the other ones. He was too busy with one already so he ended up getting hit by a bat. all of exo hurried back to him. his hair turned black so technically he was normal now, he wasn't a wolf anymore. and kris, who was at luhan's house, got mad and broke that picture of them because he was mad that he was alone.
There should totally be a part 3!! >:[ If there isn't...
Lotsa fangirls will riot, most likely -.-
I don't think there will be episode 3
because there is not 'to be continue' in the end of mv
yeh the story doesnt really make sense, im so confused with it!!
kyungsoo looked freaking adorable in it >____< and the girl just looked like she was randomly put there with the rest of exo, so awkward
Me too! I don't quite understand it but I love it, lol. Whatever, there should be an episode 3 right? Most probably ... :)
I don't undrstand it either, bur I guess there will be a third episode, and yeah that girl... I don't think she's a good actress... XD
baechimi #10
Instead of making the drama version of my favorite song, SM, please, make your own fantasy drama feathuring EXO.

pompompoop #11
I have a feeling that Kris is gonna make trouble in episode 3 T.T but he's so cooll!!! xD
same here, and the lead girl`s acting is kinda stiff? i dont get? why is sm doing those kind of drama mv? why not make their drama right?
I think the kissing scene got cut out, or maybe there is a part three because SM changed the "Part" to "Episode".

Basically, the plot shows that Kris turns Luhan into a wolf and tells him not to fall in love. Luhan gets chased, yeah, yeah, he meets the girl and hangs out with EXO, turns into a wolf when they fight and beat up Kyungsoo. After that, Luhan watches the girl from afar and when they exit the hospital Luhan collaspes so the girl takes him back to his place and then takes care of him until he heals. Jongin comes and sees the girl at Luhan's place so he tells Luhan to back off. The bad guy sees that Luhan likes the girl so they kidnap her and then when Luhan comes to fight, the girl calls the other EXO members and they have that kick- scene with Jongin and Tao busting . Then, Luhan tries to save the girl but he's afraid that he'll hurt her just like how he'll hurt Kyungsoo. The bad guy hits Luhan's head, he "dies" and the girl cries showing that she likes him back, so he becomes a human again. Kris smells Luhan's place and senses a girl, knowing that Luhan has fallen in love and smashes their picture frame, basically ending their friendship.
Nothing makes sense anymore :3
istj #15
maybe it's gonna have a lot of parts.., like a chopped up movie....