Cute Shineefx Moment !!


Well, probably some of you have watched this video and for those who didn't, just enjoy it.

It was a fancam of Victoria at the Seoul Music Award and I can't help but to notice this cute moment of Onew and Victoria.

As a Shineefx shipper, I'm really happy when I found this video because its pretty hard to get any of Ontoria's moment.

Allright. I'll stop for now. So just click on the link below. 






Oh by the way, I'm sure most of you have watched F(x)'s Music Spoiler. Pink Tape right ?

Can I point out the memorable moment of Shineefx here ?

First of all is Key upstoppable staring / looking at Amber's picture on the album ( which made me giggles the whole time ) .



Added with Jonghyun comment on Luna when she was asked whether she felt embarased while making all the individual moves in the MV. Luna replied him with a ' Yes ' but he quickly made it up for Luna by compliment her that she looks pretty in the MV. In fact it was not just once, I heard him said those lines like quite few times. Just watch the video below if you're curious.





Let's move on to another fact.

F(x)'s has reveals their ideal type on Shindong's Shimshimtapa and look what I found.


Krystal shared her ideal type "A guy who looks good with horn-rimmed glasses, a white t-shirt, jeans, and black hair. A guy who is fun and has his own signature scent." 




Luna shared " Lightly tan skin, full lips, natural hair, muscles, and looks good in training suits."

Who do you think of when she says it all ? Well one person popped out in my minds which is HIM !






Sulli mentioned her ideal personality in a guy, saying "Someone who is dependable, has a lot of aegyo, and listens to me well. I hope he always stays by my side. An open-minded man with natural hair who dresses neatly and is also y and confident." 




Most of the fans including me, myself has guessed it to be Taemin. Haha, who else could it be anyway ?

I'm not saying because I'm a fan of Taelli but he is the closest to her ideal type.

I'm sure you have read about that before right ? I mean when both Taemin and Sulli was asked about their type long time ago.

I'm sure it was still there, somewhere in here. 

Why don't you look up for this page.  Just read through it and you'll find it.






Ok ! That's all from Lollilove.

I'm off to my bed now.

It's 4 in the morning at Malaysia.

Annyeong ~





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I just noticed that when key was staring at thepage of amber's picture there's the lyrics of the music playing so i thought that key was reading the lyrics hahahaha hahaha im a ruiner and so so late
Hey didnt you notice when key was staring at ambers picture
Her part of the song was playing
i thought i'm the only one think soojung describe her romeo