First try

On 6/27/13

KOREAN FOOOD, FOOODS! On June 27 , 2013 me and my friend went out and have a hang out. We wented to 911 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19107 and have KOREAN FOODS. That was my first time going to a Korean restaurant and eat Korean foods. I was so happy. The food there was good and tasty. Me and my friend have to take to go because we couldn't finish our food. When we done eating we wented to Tea something at china and order Bubble tea Thai. 

On 6/ 28/13 

Today I have another hang out with my friend that I went out with yesterday. This time we went to the aquarium around  New Jersey and it's also my first time going to the aquarium. I was so happy to go and excited. I saw lots of fish, sharks, turtles, and many more weird fish's. At first, I was afraid to touch the sharks but then I went and touch it when we're heading out. The sharks skin feel so rough but I keep on touch it. One of the shark with black and brown strip kept popping it head up to the water slapping the water at us. I though it was a dolphin at first. There I also touch some slime fish's. The skin feel so soft and slime. After we left the aquarium we went to Rudy Buffet at Cherry Hill. I didn't ate that much but it was enough to make me full.


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