King & Queen of Kpop 2013

To all those who have a facebook account - please vote for Dara and Jae as the Queen and King of Kpop.

Well, you can actually just vote for any nominee that you would like to vote for. I am not forcing you to just vote for the ones that I want to win. You can even split your votes just like what I do. I give some of my votes to Lee Hi then the rest is for Dara. Then I would give some votes to Cheondung & Seungri and the rest is for Jaejoong.


You can vote 19 times a day for each category. So that's 19 times for a Queen and 19 times for a King. The poll is up to the 30th of June next month, which falls on a Sunday.



QUEEN OF KPOP 2013 Poll:

KING OF KPOP 2013 Poll:


Don't Forget To Vote. ^.^v


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