♔NEW ERA application♔ : Im Ji Ae ; I.J                                



 ( ★ ) Annyeonghasseo !  


Username  : TripleS_VIP

Activeness :  9

Real Name  :  Diana

  ( ★ )   I am myself

Full Korean Name : Im Ji Ae

Other Name : Caroline

Nicknames :  sol (her aunt used to call her that) , I.J

Age : 16

Birthdate : July 8th 

Birthplace : Incheon

Hometown : Incheon

Bloodtype: O+

Chinese Zodiac : rat

Height : 1.67 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Languages : Korean,English,Spanish


  ( ★ )   WE ARE NEW ERA !


Personality :

Funny, and sometimes people ignore her when she is saying something is right and she ends up saying ''why didn't you listen to me?'' she is a romantic girl adn tends to treat people like she is the mother and more with younger people , she likes trolling her friends, Jin Ae is shy when she's around someone who she doesn't know but if she's with her friends , she gets crazy.




-Playing the piano

-Watching  korean variety shows 

-Interior designing

-Playing video games

-Hard-working people


-Giving advices

-Playing football

-Learning languages



-Every kind of insects

-People who prejudge

-School  (homeworks and exams)

-Boys who are bossy with her



-Playing the piano


-Hang out with friends


Habits :

-bite and her lips

-talks in her sleep

-when she's nervous ,she forgets everything easily

-Stays awake until she's done with her job


Fears :



-dark places



Eventhoug she likes animals,she can't touch their paws because she feels a weird sensation when doing it.

- Loves amusement parks

- Gets excited almost easily

- Doesn't like flowers much but if it's from someone special to her , she will gladly accept it 

- Learning japanese

- Sometimes a little byuntae

- Fan of SS501 (her inspiration) , BigBang and Yiruma

- Doesn't hesitate and stands up for her friends,when someone does something agains them

- Interested in the Space and everything that has to do with it


   ) i   hate this love song

ulzzang Name : Im Jin Ah

Links : 1|2|3|4|5|6

Backup ulzzang Name : Baek Su Ji

Links : 1|2|3|4|5|6


 ★ ) Neh chef ! 


Family :


-Dad- Im Tae Hwa| 51 | doctor | He's very strict when it comes to education and school but supports his daughters' dreams | He has a good relationship with his daughters eventhough they'r not too close)


-Mom- Choi Mi Young | 43 | housewife | caring, doesn´t like much the idea of her daughter becoming an idol eventhouh she supports her | They have a really good relationship although she usually doesn´t tell her mom about the boys she likes, but they love each other a lot)


-sibling :  Im Ji Min | 22| studing medicine | she likes to bother Ji Ae|they have a good relationship


Friends :

 Lee Donghae | 26| idol| one of the closest person with Ji Ae ,they aren't best friends because it's not too long since they met,she likes trolling him;since they have things in common it was easy for them to become friends,they met because of Yoona | playful,cute,cares about Ji Ae.


Best friends :

- Im Yoon Ah |23  |idol |they met at the cafeteria of SM  and Yoona talked to her when Ji Ae was all alone because she didn't know any of  the trainees and her friend,Ji Yeon was absent|playful,cheerful,likes bothering and it's not too girly, has a fresh actitude, the same as Ji Ae (that's why they liked each other since they met)


-Ahn Ji Yeon | 17 | trainee at SM| they met in high schooland  love each other like if they were sisters and bloody related,sometimes Ji treats her as her daughter; friends with Giovanna|caring about people she loves, but when her friends are wrong on doing soemthing she scolds her, like an older sister.


-Giovanna Moy |17|trainee at CUBE Ent. |they met in high school,same with Ji Yeon; the three of them are best friends and do crazy things when they're together|comes from an Italian family,likes bothering her friends, really funny and her dance moves are hilarious.



 ★ ) I'm fine living without you ! 


Rival Name : Jung In Young

Reason :  trainee at SM and doesn't like Ji Ae because when they were trainees Ji Ae was known by lots of people and was gaining fans eventhough she hasn't debuted yet.



(    ) I Am Your Super Star  

How Do You Get Into SM ?: she sent a video (because she didn't live in Seoul) of her singing for the SM Global Audition 2008 and they asked her to make an official audition in the company and they accepted her.

Trainee Life : It was kind of hard at the beggining because she wasn't really good at dancing but then improved a lot becoming a really good dancer.


( ) Main vocal , leader 

(x ) Lead vocal , Cf star

( ) Lead rapper , Main dancer

( ) Vocal , Visual , actress

( ) Maknae , Lead dancer


Back-Up Position:

Main Vocal, leader, actually I chose this position because I like vocal but I don't really know if the leader role suits this character , but it's up to you which one to choose 


Persona: funny,likes playing around,loves food and every kind of chocolate and candies,good listener

Stage Name: I.J

Years of Training: 5 years

Fanclub Name and Color : Dreamers

Singing Twin and Link: - Stephanie Hwang 

Dancing Twin and Link: - Yoon Bora

Rapping Twin and Link: - Ryu Hwayoung  

Speaking Twin and Link: -Ham Eunjung


  ★ )   Destiny

Love Interest :  EXO K 's Kai 

Age : 19 

Personality : loves eating a lot and dancing,caring,funny,sometimes he behaves like a kid but is cute though.

Relationship : She knows him because he's an idol and sunbaenim,but haven't met .

How you met : haven't met yet

Backup Love Interest : EXO K 's D.O

Age : 21

Personality :  cute,shy,funny,cheerful,caring, umma-like,likes trolling but just with people he knows well

Relationship : never have talked to each other 

How You Met :  have seen each other at McDonald's ,but they haven't talked to each other


 (  ) never say Goodbye , Hello 


Suggestion : That they have a relationship like SNSD has,like sisters

Comments : Can't wait to read the first chapter,it's my first application,so I don't know if I did well :/

Scene Requested : maybe the grammys, how they felt the day of their debut

Password :    (LOL)



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