111 KPOP Question Challenge (Hardcore Edition)

So this is like.. HARDCORE! Since I am sooo bored, I decided to make this hardcore fangirl/boy KPOP Questions. My original plan is only 100 but there's so many questions that popped into my head. I am so sorry if there's grammar errors. :(

Anywho, hope you guys like it even though it's reaaaallllllyyyy loooooong~ :)


Note: Some questions may sound the same but please answer it anyway if you like. :))))






  1. All time favorite group?
  2. All time favorite solo artist?
  3. Favorite boy group(s)?
  4. Favorite girl group(s)?
  5. Favorite female solo artist(s)?
  6. Favorite male solo artist(s)?
  7. Favorite song?
  8. Favorite album?
  9. Favorite dance?
  10. Favorite drama/movie?
  11. Favorite ballad?
  12. Favorite female leader?
  13. Favorite male leader?
  14. Favorite male rapper?
  15. Favorite female rapper?
  16. Favorite maknae?
  17. Favorite actor?
  18. Favorite actress?
  19. Favorite couple?
  20. Favorite underrated/unappreciated boy group?
  21. Favorite underrated/unappreciated girl group?
  22. Favorite music video?
  23. Favorite costume/outfit?
  24. Favorite remix?
  25. Female member bias(es)?
  26. Male member bias(es)?
  27. Best looking female idol/artist?
  28. Best looking male idol/artist?
  29. Favorite English version of a song?
  30. Favorite Japanese version of a song?
  31. Favorite English speaker female idol/artist?
  32. Favorite English speaker male idol/artist?


  1. Ideal male idol?
  2. Ideal female idol?
  3. Ideal male idol/artist you want to be your boyfriend?
  4. Ideal female idol/artist you want to be your girlfriend?
  5. Ideal husband/wife?
  6. Ideal brother?
  7. Ideal sister?
  8. Ideal mother?
  9. Ideal father?
  1. Funniest girl group?
  2. Funniest boy group?
  3. Funniest female idol/artist?
  4. Funniest male idol/artist?
  5. Funniest group overall?
  6. Funniest idol/artist overall?
  7. Funniest song?
  8. Funniest dance?
  9. Funniest music video?
  10. Funniest parody?
  11. Funniest female face?
  12. Funniest male face?
  13. Funniest costume/outfits?
  14. Funniest picture/gif?
  15. Funniest couple?
  16. Funniest impersonation?
  17. Funniest variety show?
  18. Funniest variety episode with a KPOP artist?
  19. Funniest mistake on-stage?
  20. Funniest joke you heard from a KPOP artist?
  1. How many actual CDs do you have?
  2. How many posters do you have?
  3. How many signed CDs do you have?
  4. How many CDs do you have from boy groups?
  5. How many CDs do you have from girl groups?
  6. What female group/artist album do you have the most?
  7. What male group/artist album do you have the most?
  8. Have you ever bought a song on iTunes? How many?
  9. Have you ever covered a KPOP song or dance? Have you posted it online?
  10. Participated in a KPOP flashmob?
  11. Went to a live concert?
  12. Talked to a KPOP idol/artist in person? 
  13. Have a fight with other fan(s)?
  14. Do you check KPOP news all the time? If yes, where?
  15. Have a KPOP blog/website/page?


  1. How did you discover KPOP?
  2. First KPOP song you've ever heard?
  3. First group/artist you knew?
  4. First group/artist you got into?
  5. First actor/actress you knew?
  6. How long you've been a KPOP fan?
  7. Your first reaction/comment when you first heard a KPOP song or seens a KPOP idol/artist?
  8. First Korean drama you've ever watch? And when was it?
  9. First variety show you watch? And who's in it?
  10. First MV / picture / etc that made you scream / spazz?



  1. Least favorite KPOP group of all time?
  2. Least favorite girl group?
  3. Least favorite boy group?
  4. Least favorite female member/artist?
  5. Least favorite male member/artist?
  6. Least favorite member of your favorite group?
  7. Least favorite actor?
  8. Least favorite actress?
  9. Least favorite song?
  10. Least favorite dance?
  11. Least favorite MV?
  12. Least favorite couple?
  13. Least favorite costumes/outfits?
  14. Least favorite Korean drama/movie?
  15. Worst looking male member/artist?
  16. Worst looking female member/artist?
  17. Imperfect brother?
  18. Imperfect sister?
  19. Imperfect mother?
  20. Imperfect father?


  1. Ultimate bias?
  2. Why did you choose him/her as your ultimate bias?
  3. One word that can describe your bias?
  4. Best qualities of your bias?
  5. If fate gives you a chance to meet your bias, how would you react? 


32 + 9 + 20 + 15 + 10 + 20 + 5 = 111 questions! :D


You can answer just copy and answer it right away.

I wanna see your answers too you know. Share your answer by posting the link below. :)))

It took hours just to make this questions. Some questions are the same as this one. I just make it like.. HARDCORE one. xD

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