MBLAQ's former member: Kim Sang Bae




I recently saw this photo whilst flicking through the MBLAQ fan forums in naver:



  There were numerous posts asking who this mysterious person was, and why he was marked as 'Thunder'

After hours of looking, I came across a photoshoot of MBLAQ before debut ---> 'Thunder' (as we know him now) was actually a replacement for this guy: KIM SANG BAE, same age as Mir, 1991 ---- So weird....  He ran away from home the week before debut, and rain, being the tough CO he was, replaced him immediately =________=  not saying that thunder's a bad replacement or anything,,,,,,,,,, but sang bae looks pretty hot >w> 

I feel kinda sad that we are unable to meet this guy as a member of MBLAQ - maybe we missed a new amazing celebrity, someone that if he had debuted with MBLAQ, I would currently be crazy over instead of our leader Yang. Isn't it just sad that after that many years of hard work, and after practicing his first song, OH YEAH with his band mates for months and months and months... One mistake and it's all gone......................................                                                                                                                                                    ----> HWAITING sangbae-gun~! I hope to see you in the forseeable future!!!




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lovemen #1
actually he did not run from home as speculated. it was revealed in an interview that he injured himself 2weeks before MBLAQ debut MV shoot. he need a surgery that require him to rest for a long time which is his shoulder and backbone surgery. so, inorder to not interfere or damaged MBLAQ debut, the company decide to replace him with dara's brother who is a trainee during that time. and thunder/cheondong was supposed to be his stage name. it hurt to read that you say he ran from home when what actually happened is totally a different situation
bebebaba #2
Kim Sang Bae has now joined a group called MADTOWN!!!! >.< YEAAAAHHHHH!!!! HE IS MY BIAS! >O< He is now 23 and Madtown is under the same entertainment as MBLAQ -- his stage name is Moos-- im so glad we are able to see him* HE's BACK* haha
AsianK-PopFan #3
Even if Wikipedia is mostly not true I'm just going to say this. On Wikipedia it said that Sang Bae dropped out of the MBLAQ group due to poor health. And it was on May of 2011. It wasn't probably from running away. Also the way how you said that Thunder replaced him it sounded like you were saying he planned it all and I think that he would be too kind to do that.
Xanthias #4
He's here http://procplacespain.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/news-20140206-pro-cs-moos-seems-to-be-mblaqs-kim-sangbae-who-withdrew-2-weeks-before-their-debut/
[deactivated] #5
sang bae will be debuted *or debuted, i dont really know* as pro c member..
WildHoney #6
This is interesting, I never knew there was a former member. It's sad that his hard work & dreams ended this way, but looking at it from a CEO's point of view, someone who runs away before debut is probably not stable enough to deal with the stresses of packed schedules, crazy fans, & all the 'friendly surprises' they like to throw at idols on tv. They really love putting idols through the ringer, you know? Replacing him might just have saved him a worse breakdown later.
mangasanji12 #7
myaeh, it's rather strange
especially the story...
I don't believe he ran away and that was just it.
that can't be the reason right?
but I like thunder as well...
If I'd seen this blog earlier, I would have agreed, but MBLAQ is perfect now. I wouldn't want anything to change about them. Cheondung worked hard to get noticed and it paid off finally.
Kim Sang Bae made the mistake in running away from home, and I would have done exactly what Rain did. Sang Bae wasn't being responsible and, ultimately, that could have affected the whole group before they'd even debuted.
So, I hope Sang Bae gets on well with his own career but I like MBLAQ the way they are now.
I love my boys <3
trololol28 #9
Cheondung deserved to be in the group.. just be thankful that he replaced him because if he didn't, mir will have a hard time to rap all the raps in the song..
On wiki it says, "In May 2011, Thunder revealed that former member Sang Bae left the group due to his poor health.[9] Thunder also stated that he only joined MBLAQ fifteen days prior to their debut, and that while he sang and rapped live for their performances, his voice is not actually featured on any of the recorded tracks for Just BLAQ due to time constraints."
Anyways, he looks cute:) but I think even with him there, my favorite will still be seungho. :P Lol:)
MelonCandy #11
Annyeong! I know this is a little random, but I've finally decided to comment. ^^"
HE RAN AWAY FROM HOME?! So it wasn't his health or something? .__.
Oh, man.. I can't help but feel depressed :L He would have been the real maknae :(
Even though Cheolyong is the maknae now..

I want papa Rain to add him back if possible :L
I don't know if you've seen it, but some people don't want Sangbae to be in MBLAQ :( They say he doesn't fit the image which is stupid, because Thunder was able to adapt to the image when MBLAQ was created with Sangbae in it -__-
nyimkecil #12
maybe MBLAQ with 6 member ( sengho,G.O,Joon,Cheundoong,Mir,Sang-bae)..will be more attactive....colorfull.....because i see their character is diffrent from eachother although their blood tipe is same...
SuperSapphire #13
i never knew that there was a former member O_O<br />
i feel sorry for him, but there's a reason for everything, right?<br />
maybe being a member of mblaq isn't his future.<br />
but... who knows?
J4redd #14
Honestly he was my favorite pre-debut and I was sure he'd continue to be once they released their first song. I never knew the story of it all though. Pretty depressing. But if you look here http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/SangBae you can see some newer pictures of him. I'd really like to see him debut in some capacity some day. Maybe as a model..