MBLAQ's former member: Kim Sang Bae




I recently saw this photo whilst flicking through the MBLAQ fan forums in naver:



  There were numerous posts asking who this mysterious person was, and why he was marked as 'Thunder'

After hours of looking, I came across a photoshoot of MBLAQ before debut ---> 'Thunder' (as we know him now) was actually a replacement for this guy: KIM SANG BAE, same age as Mir, 1991 ---- So weird....  He ran away from home the week before debut, and rain, being the tough CO he was, replaced him immediately =________=  not saying that thunder's a bad replacement or anything,,,,,,,,,, but sang bae looks pretty hot >w> 

I feel kinda sad that we are unable to meet this guy as a member of MBLAQ - maybe we missed a new amazing celebrity, someone that if he had debuted with MBLAQ, I would currently be crazy over instead of our leader Yang. Isn't it just sad that after that many years of hard work, and after practicing his first song, OH YEAH with his band mates for months and months and months... One mistake and it's all gone......................................                                                                                                                                                    ----> HWAITING sangbae-gun~! I hope to see you in the forseeable future!!!



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