If you haven't already heard anywhere, UMG is taking away kpop from international fans.

( UMG stands for Universal Music Group, and even though they aren't Korean they have the right to block music and music videos in certain countries. )

Most Cube Entertainment videos have been blocked in the USA and UK.
There are going to be more kpop videos to be blocked in international countries.
They want to keep kpop restricted to Koreans like it originally was. I guess they hate the hallyu wave.
They've already started, and the USA and UK are the first victims of this.
Other international countries such as Canada and Australia will be targeted soon.
Cube Entertainment is the first Korean label to have complied with UMG's actions.
You will find that if you live in an international country, videos from this company have all been blocked.
This is absolutely retarded. We are kpop fans and we are proud.
The success of kpop is because of the international fans. Without us, it's only a small number of Koreans.
Asian countries have not yet been targeted. This is pure racism.
Koreans that live in international countries cannot listen to the music of their culture.

UMG, your will not stop us. We will keep going and we will make sure we keep kpop with us.
F**k you UMG, you should be ashamed. International fans love kpop and we are proud of it.

Help us get noticed and save kpop for international fans' sake.
Start trending #giveuskpop on Twitter, Instagram and every hashtag website.

Repost this message on Facebook, Asianfanfics, Twitter, anywhere we can be noticed.




So to all who have read this already its not true guys!!





So many people knew that UMG (universal music group) are banning kpop mvs on youtube. and what most of you knew are that UMG are trying to block all kpop videos on youtube. 

Well its not like that, heres the truth (found at allkpop forums)


It's because most of CUBE's artists are signed with Universal Music Group who has the publishing rights for these artists worldwide except Korea.

The videos are available on youtube on for example 4minute's vevo account which is handled by UMG. International fans are supposed to watch them there so that UMG are the ones getting paid by youtube for the views.


cr.Allkpop forums


Okay i tried going on their vevo accounts and they work. Example, 4minutes' volume up is block at '4minutesofficial' channel on youtube, but try go searching '4minutes vevo' and the video work in there.


Please POP so less people will misunderstand it. :)




Thanks for reading guys!! Please spread this so many people will not misunderstand!!


Thanks for reading!~ 





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[deactivated] #1
Not really, I went to their VEVO channel, and the majority of their music videos are blocked too, unless I went to the wrong channel? o.O
oh my god so it's like that. o.o /sigh of somewhat relief