HELP: Do you know WHAT fanfic is this?

I've been digging my wall posts just for this fanfic, since I remember the author linking it to me. But I FAILED.

I wasn't a fan of Supernatural/Vampiric stories, but I DID READ HERS.

It was about Jaejoong being this creepy vampire-sort of-Edward-Cullen like?

I think it was about the girl is supposed to kill him (she's a vampire killer), but then she was so fascinated about him. . .then they fell in love? IDK. I forgot.

Anyone who knows that fanfic? It sounded so cliche, but actually, it's the author that I need. I LOVE HOW SHE WRITES.

She has a Changmin fanfic which is so supernatural-like-too. That's what I need, but THIS JAEJOONG FIC would be quite. . .more popular.

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