I'm speechless

Ok, just now, Malaysia grandly held SHOUT AWARDS. 


and NUEST also VIXX are there .


they gave out an award each and performed 2 songs each/


i watched on TV live and all i saw is normal, got many people shouting at once and so noisy.


/well, what do yah expect right?/


then, i go to twitter to see what people say. the people who actually go there.


and they said some of the non-kpoppers 'boo-ed' at VIXX when they were performing and thrrew something on stage.


Nuest also got almost the same treatment..


personally im not a REALLY big fan of them, but, hey im still a kpop fan .


i listen to all their songs and keep-in-update about their well-being.


when i see all the twitter post i just dont know how to react.


im just ASHAMED. ASHAMED of malaysian who got no manners.

I'm deeply sorrry if there are NUEST and VIXX fans out there who is hurt by my people's act.


/bows 90/


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