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sorry I had exam so I didnt answer that but now I think if I only answer one of them it will be really rude 

Rule One | Post the rules.
Rule Two | Answer the set of questions the tagger set for you in their post (it'll be at the bottom) and then after, make your own eleven questions.
Rule Three | Tag eleven people and link them to your post.

Rule Four | Let them know you tagged them!




1.What got you into KPOP?

korean movies  and I didnt like studying during my exam

2.Who is your bias? :X


3.Who is your favourite pairing? :P


4.Who is your least pairing?


5.Recommend some of your favourite songs?


6.What will you say to your bias if you see him? :DD

he is more handsome in brown or dark orange hair

7.Would you choose to go dancing with Eunhyuk or spend time cooking with Ryeowook? (Okay this is so random! =.=)

cooking with wooki cause I am not good dancer 

8.Have you watch the movie 'I AM?'


9.What type of story do you like? Romance/Angst/Humor/?


10.Which SJ MV you like the best?

Mr simple

11.What are you doing now? LOL

answering this!!!!! reading some fices and thinking to go home this weekend I miss home 




1.. Favourite group, and reason why they are your favourite!

super junior???!!!! why tell U the truth??? I want to said 2NEL but I dont even know their name. but from that I like their rhythm of music 

2.. Who is your bias... reason?

eunhyuk, he has no beauty operation(I think) and it show self confidence and I like that the most. beside he is really good dancer and has a reallyyyyyyyy cute voice ans shows me AGAIN power of make up cause I didnt know he has that nose but he was cute with his glasses and dog.

3..Any entertainment company you are biased to?


4..Favourite K-pop song?

I really like lonely of 2NEL and  Super Junior  Bonamana its hard to choose (but ladies first!!!!)

5..If you could date a k-pop celebrity, who would it be?

eunhyuk I think

7..iest and prettiest kpop artist?(2 different guys)?

tell U the truth I dont think they are y, beauty???? I cant remember that girls name......first role of coffee prance 

8..if you could make any three wishes regarding kpop, what would they be?

come to have a show in my country with free ticket 

try to attrac with their ability not their  face

last forever not 5 or 6 years 

9.. OTP? reason?

what OTP means????

10..Which is the one kpop song you want to learn how to dance to??

none I dont like dancing that much



1- why U like Kpop?

2- do U really agree with hemoual relationship???

3-how did U know this site???

4-if U should choose between reading AFF fics and kpop songs  U choose which of them???

5- did U meet any of kpop???

6-do U like to play with turtle with yesoung????

7-do U think what kpop said about their liking or disliking are really true???

8-when U see eunhyuk do U really feel any similarity with monkey???

9-can U suggest me a good author and a good story too?

10-U like to live in korea or Ur own country???

11-do U think its a fun game???



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maedeh #1
چرا؟؟؟ اما باور کن اینقدر وقتمو گرفت اشکم دراومد
شنبه امتحان داشتیم امتحان گوارش بود استاد سواله تنفس آورد. یه چیزایی داد یه چیزایی دادن تازه می گه از 25 تا فقط 5تاش فکر می خواست حالا جالبه خودش می خواست جواب بده من من می کرد
dandelions #2
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa az har ky tavagho dashtam blog bezane ella to
kheili hal dad
rasty ghaziyeye in tag game ke jadidan hame mizanan chiye?