Okay I have to make sure every person knows this!!! Watch out for new JYP trainees!!! These two boys are my favorite youtube singers and they had just been accepted to JYP as a trainee hehe this happened in 2010 (so they have been training for awhile now)!! Their names are Brian Kang (16yrs) and Don Lee (17yrs) but i sure do wished that Terry He could've been in JYP!!! Terry, Brian, and Don formed a group called 3rd degree and i just love their voices!!! <3 i especially love Brian's voice he kinda reminds me of kevin woo from ukiss!! But now since Brian <3 and Don left to train they had to break 3rd degree up.. It was very painful for me to watch so yea.. Just watch out for the NEW JYP trainees!! omo tears are coming!! I LOVE BRIAN KANG SOO MUCH!! ALL support goes to 3rd degree!! Watch out for them!! Just remember!! 


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jinnahwangcheese #1
oh my gooodness, im still waiting. 3 years of waiting and still going. ;----; i miss them.
/sorry for the random comment/ i somehow found this LOL
Mango0o #2
Yeah, I'm totally looking out for them!! As far as I know, Don is pursuing his dream as a doctor now, so he's no longer a JYP Trainee. But I'm still waiting for Brian! Cannot wait till he debut :)
My cousin knows Don and Brian in person yah' know? :)
Dreams #4
kk~ let me go check them out lol~
babymichiie #5
Okay.. I'll look out for them!<br />
But I don't really know them.. sorry to say!