Pregnant with Kyuhyun Oppa?

Yo guys~

Lee Min Jee here!

It's been A LONG WHILE since I made a blog update :O lol, ikr?

But I made up with my friends! :D Which is cool ;)

mm.. Well I wanted to ask ALL SUBSRIBERS AND FRIENDS SOMETHING.. Called a decision.... Also Some questions that I would really want an ANSWER FROM! :D So please answer.

One of my questions are:

1. I made a poster but... I don't know how to copy it in the html link and I can't post it on

Extra info: I saved it in my computer and opened it on the internet. I copied the link put it in the box to put in the main picture but... It doesn't show up and it says that the link isn't correct and it shouldn't be in a jpg image or something like that.. So I'm asking yo uguys for some really urgent help!

:) Thanks so much for the reply. If you don't get what I mean, I'll do another blog post and I'm sure you'll understand a bit more.

And now.... Some decisions to make!!!! :D :) :D :)

And also one announcement.....

I'm making a BRAND NEW Characters!!! Actually.. 2 BRAND NEW CHARACTERS!

So.... I hoepe you guys can make a decision... I know I haven't really updated for a while... I had some computer problems and I really got to say, THIS IS chaos.

Based on my life.... My life is crazy and full of stuff.

So... Anyways... Let's vote for the new characters :) :D


1. (BELOW)


Name: Jeong So Min  

- Childhood friend of Kyuhyun

- Can be very nice but also a bit ty

- She's rich

- Famouse Korean actress

- Vain (THinks all about herself and looks)

- Hates Seohyun from the moment she saw her

- Acted like Seohyun's best friend in elementary school


2. IS (Down Below)


Name: Lee Eun Hee

- Childhood friend of Kyuhyun

- Acts like Seohyun's best friend from elementary school

- Hated Seohyun from when she saw her

- Uses her aegyo ALOT to win over Seohyun

- Rich




1. (Down Below)


Name: Kim Tae Ho (This was just a random korean guy I found from google images...)

- Hated Kyuhyun from the start

- Loves Seohyun

- Acts like an older brother to Seohyun but wants to be more then an older brother to her

- Caring and Sweet

So... I think that The boy will be the only option cuz the whole google images, "Handsome Korean boys" was FILLED WITH Kim Joon Hyung. Though this picture wasnt :)

Peace out guys!

;) Have a good day!



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