A new story fanfic

After watching Invincible Youth 2 Shinhwa episode gives me an idea to make a fanfic about Hyoyeon and Junjin. How do you guys think? am I set to go writing a story about them?


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@kokonovel : sorry for not listening to your advice. I've think it carefully over and over but my mind stick to JunYeon pairing.
Meng_JiaRP #2
u go girl \^0^/
hyoyeon fighting!!
Ur_lovestory #3
But age is not a matter when talk abt love.u can write it if u like I will the first person to Sub ur story
Ur_lovestory #4
He is too old for Hyo.not a good idea.but If u write fiction about Hyo used to have crush with Minwoo(I think he is better than junjin,cause junjin also talk abt Jessica not only Hyo).And Eunhyuk who in the same company try to help to get Junjin/Minwoo but deep inside his heart he really hurt cause he also like Hyo.other hand Junjin/Minwoo don like Hyo in the romance way,they just like them as hoobae.In the end Hyo feel she is inlove with Hyukjae who always help her.happy ending .Hope I can help