Strong Heart YG Family Special ~Preview~

For those who haven't watched, this is the preview of YG Family Strong Heart Special, the release date is said to be on March 27th. I AM SO EXCITED! (And also TABLO oppa is in it too, my tag is full so yeah, mianhae TABLO oppa!)





I wonder what Jiyoung's reaction was when Seungri and Dara were dancing?! I really want to watch this~! I hope there will be DaraGon moments! Huhuhu, I miss them soooo much. Don't you?! (The Kwon Leadah and our Charismatic Chaerin are sitting beside each other, I hope it was Dara instead, huhu. But I would love is Dara was also sitting beside Bom, PARK SISTERS!)


And, am I the only one that caught this? Seungri is 'SITTING' beside Dara, and as Seungri said Jiyoung makes him do the 'job'. ;]]


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s123yo #1
i found a website with more details on it but i dont know how reliable it is (i wish it is cause it hints DARAGON!!!!)
I think the YG ent. couples are not sitting together because it will become way too obvious.but im hoping for many DARAGON moments.
mismatch #3
I guess gd and chaerin sitting together it's because they are both leaders of the group...