Reaction on AFF Wipeout



I'm pissed.


Not at the admin of course.


The server? Sort of.


I'm mostly pissed off at myself. Because I don't have any backup copies of the fics I've written. And I'm on the last sequel of Bad Boy Blues. *explodes* I was so close!

So basically, this post was made for me to say sorry to the subscribers of Twist and Turns, Love Dust, and the unfinished Fantastic Baby. Pfft. Obviously, I have to rewrite EVERYTHING. *another explosion*

And yeah, even the last written chapter of I'm Yours was gone, so I'm gonna write that too.

I'll try to update as soon as possible, but for now, I've got to sleep...because it's almost 4 here in my place.

But first! A teaser from Fantastic Baby!

I found Jiyong near Han River, sprawled on the snow. His ridiculous hair lights deeply contrasted with the snow and I slowly came near him. His arm was resting on his forehead and I wonder if he’s crying, or just asleep. I kneeled down, and gently placed his head on my lap.


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