lf: someone to peel oranges for me


i'll peel oranges for you too. i want us both to eat well!


(sighs) i am back here again... oh well. desperate times call for desperate measures. iykyk.

  • twenty-three. mdni! i'd prefer if we were similar in age plsplspls.
  • plus tz but i sleep like a minus sometimes - i'll definitely make time for you if i like you.
  • currently a female fc but i don't mind cpdping or letting you face chase me... :shrug:
  • bi with male lean, if that matters. i'm not really looking for any romance right now (in my #emotionally_unavailable arc) but if we click then... we'll see how that goes.
  • with that said - fwb and fake dating enjoyers, feel free to shoot your shot!
  • casual plots only, sorry. we can talk about my preferences later on hehe.
  • hobbies include: playing lots of games (a wide variety ngl so come ask me about it!), watching stuff on hyperbeam (my attention span won't let me finish anything unless i have company...), and listening to music (spotify session, anyone?)
  • as you can see, i am a Certified Quality Time Enjoyer and Yapper!!! if you're not into that then please move on to the next ad.

i promise i'm not as boring as i seem here. dm me your discord usn and i'll add you. see you there! :]

(if you're seeing this ad again it's bc aff hates me.)


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