lf: yearn off opponent


mdni (the older the better) i'm so drunk save me y y/n sav e me


i do not want to date. i want to flirt and giggle and teeter on the rope of "is this something?" but that's as far as it'll go...


★ this is my first ad ever pls who want me

★ strictly ic

★ not looking for literate plots i just want to hang out a little and flirt a little and kiss a little and 

★ i'm girl fc w sub lean n bi/pan who want me?

★ minus / i have a job with odd hours so pls be understanding 

★ u gotta be a little silly

★ i like to play games (hsr, valo, ow2, dbd, fortnite, roblox, plato, dc games, game with ur friends, lethal company, waiting for wuwa, or whatever u wanna carry me in!)

★ i can be nonchalant or i can be clingy what u want to order?

★ i am not boring and can keep a conversation i mostly talk to myself but in ur dm...u like?

★ will send u feet pics, if ur my favorite it's free

★ i want to force u to listen to the music that i like

★ i got hb premium for 30 days and i wanna use it with u 


if that's what u like, let's start with ur resume:

                                               are u an ?
                                                    /                 \

                                              yes                   no


                                is it okay if i'm a little annoying?

                                      /                            \

                                  yes                             no


do u have a good relationship ur mom?

                          /                               \

                    yes                                    no

                                                congrats ur allowed to send me ur dc! IF:
★ ur not boring

★ ur y

★ u got a little something something to give me ;)

★ yeah


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