lf genshin oomfs friends or the likes


yippee natlan soon


writing this at 2am so i apologize if i sound drunk but basically this is an ad to find friends who will pull me back to genshin or js friends in general

  • oa (21) and from the plus side of the world
  • currently jobless asf but i'm a fulltime student
  • idm if you drag me to do anything like hb, spotify sesh, or gaming
  • speaking of gaming i play a lot of things like valorant, genshin, roblox, lethal company, sdv, etc. you name it
  • big weeb, pls lets rot and watch anime PLSPLSPSLSPLS
  • into cardbots (derogatory) we can yap about which cards we like too....
  • very not nd so u can shoot ur shot...
  • if u made it this far dm me with ur dc and ur fav ice cream flavour :) p.s if we've ghosted each other bfr, dw new year NEW US!! also if this looks familiar and i nvr reached out... i forgot this acc existed IM SO SORRY...


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