& I ask the universe, it told me a tale of destiny of us meeting.


Looking for 1x1 roleplay partners, mainly for Genshin, Star Rail, and Resident Evil universe! mdni btw, pls. 


Hello, & happy weekends! I’m (OA & GMT+8) looking for roleplay partners to write together with, preferably long-term. (The decision is yours whether you want to continue with our plot in the future if we do write together, no pressure but please do let me know at the very least!).

I’m a literate roleplayer that uses past tense and third person perspective, however I’m willing to mirror-lit to match your style if necessary, just let me know. Genre-wise, I’m flexible with everything, but angst is my usual go-to. I’m open to exploring your favourite ships, so romance and are welcomed as well, but I’d appreciate if there was a plot leading up to it.

My muses are (but not limited to, just let me know if you want to write with a particular character from any of the universe mentioned above):

Genshin: Tartaglia, Focalors, Kaveh.

Star Rail: Aventurine,.

Resident Evil: Piers Nivans, and Ethan Winters.

My main platform is Discord and Twitter (X... help). Feel free to hit me up here via PM if you’re interested in roleplaying! (plsplspls I’ll only beg 4829489293 times).


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