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This was a very fun contest to tune, despite it being a very hard year to read. I apologize for taking over a year to read these stories, but my mind couldn't focus on them properly, and I fell behind. However, it's judged now, and I thank you all for giving me wonderful stories to read. I did enjoy them all. Honestly, for your time waiting for me, I'm giving karma to all five of you, so don't get surprised when you receive it. Thank you all again and I'll move onto the winner announcement! 




In third place we have...


In the Dark


I loved the darkness and suspense in this, but especially the characters that you wrote. They seemed to truly come alive and I could feel what they were going through. It was heart-wrenching, but also just a nice story to read. 


3rd Place:


500 karma points


Blog post advertising your story 




In second place we have...




I loved how you wrote your characters and built up your world in a way I've never seen before. The depth you put into Kevin especially was fantastic and I loved his character. I like Juyeon, as well, but LOVED Kevin. Also, the concept of the moon being alive was great and you really did take this prompt and run with it, even in a short story. This was great. 


2nd Place:


1,000 karma points


Blog post advertising your story




And the first place winner is...


The Seal of Light


This story kept me guessing and changing my mind on the motives and who was good or bad throughout the entire story, and I felt as if I could truly connect well with the main characters. The level of fantasy was definitely what I've been craving and the action scenes were great, as well as the personal scenes. I just loved the entire story. 


1st Place:


3,000 karma points


Blog post advertising your story


One hour advertisement of your story


A one shot written by me starring anyone from the contest group list. 




Please comment to pick up your prizes and go check out my open contest, In A Year's Time! A Writing Contest.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2023 is a great one for you all ❤️. 

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