searching for freelance roleplaying partners (20+ updated)

well, hello there ( : 

i'll keep this short and sweet, i'm in the market for some new roleplaying partners. my only requirements are: 

  • both the mun and their face claim must be at least 20 years old.
  • ability to reply to our plot/chat every 1-2 days. however, i'm understanding of work schedules so just lemme know if you're gonna ghost for a bit, tyvm. 
  • straight or , idc, i can do both. romance and are not mandatory. 
  • can separate ic & ooc completely. don't get me wrong, i am totally down to be friends ooc though but let's keep any relationship between our muses as just that: between our muses. 
  • enjoys plotting or going with the flow. can do either. 
  • just a generally pleasant person to talk to. lay on that charm. 

a little bit about me: 

  • my timezone is pst (-8)
  • currently working full time but i do reply on breaks and you can have a few hours of my undivided attention during days off. 
  • face claims i use are skz' bang chan, minho, and hyunjin, exo's kai, bts' v or jungkook. i'm kinda firm on who i fc but you're welcome to try and persuade me into someone new. as stated above, i don't mind if your fc is male or female. not really into ships or nonau.
  • i am a er for world-building. i'm looking for someone who is down to switch up genres from scifi, and historical, to ty reality tv show au's.

if you're interested, i'm on line. you can message me with your id & if you could be so kind as to include your age or birth year and i'll do the same. thanks < 3 

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