looking for a monsta x rp partner! (kihyun x members, omegaverse?)

it's been a while since i've written mx omegaverse with someone else, and sometimes fanfics just don't cut it.


  • writer is 21+ and in gmt+0/+1 timezone.
  • looking for someone who is 20+ and has experience of writing omegaverse/nsfw.
  • platforms: twitter, discord, kkt.
  • able to write both au or non-au plots.
  • i've ended up writing multiple plots with past partners and really enjoyed it, so would be great if we could do the same if we connected. <3

my fave ships to write are shownu/kihyun and wonho/kihyun, but any mx member x kihyun is great with me! i always prefer to write as the omega. 

i would lke to write a mix of fluff, , angst, hurt/comfort and slice of life.

if you are not comfortable with prominent mpreg themes (and potentially boyp*ssy) then it would be best to not show interest. :(

please send a dm if you are interested! <3

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