lf: someone to kiss all summer


sometimes i just want to hug and be hugged. 


i came back after a long hiatus since uni is over and its summer time, only problem is i lost contact with everyone so 😏 that's where you come in. i'm trying to find a fake boyfriend (not clickbait) and friends (real) 

about me 

  • currently streaming smile by avril lavigne - you can be the reason why i stream it daily 
  • oa, 20+, pronouns according to my fc, nsa, nd (not fake)
  • speaking of fcs, they vary but my main ones are enhypen jake, tbz eric, txt hyuka, nct jaemin, cravity hyeongjun, aespa ningning, twice sana and momo, bp jennie, kep1er xiaoting
  • honeslty let's cpdp pls im a er for those cute things 
  • i don't play many games but i can always try downloading mobile games for you [carry me and get a kiss]
  • also looking for a sugar daddy (real) to have their kids (clickbait) 
  • speaking of i don't really , sorry :sad violin playing: (unless... maybe i do ....whatever happens happens) 
  • i'm the kind of friend who flirts and holds hands a lot so if you're into that let's get talking. not just looking for a fake boyfriend but also some milfs to befriend :^D
  • platforms are ig,twt,messenger,line,kkt, imessage (play imessage games with me i am begging), i'll use messenger pigeons too, 
  • pm me with your name, age, platform and what you're looking for. i hope to see u soon :^)
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