LF: a het dom


No minors, 19+


im looking for a dom! 

- i fc girls but I can try anything for you!

- lately I've been faceclaiming nayeon, sana or heejin a lot and a bunch of other people but I am perfectly fine with anything you prefer.

- Ummm friends with benefits for sure

  • i give a lot of cuddles and I love playing around. we can play games together and do anything you'd like!
  • I live in the minus part of the world but I love my plus's! <3
  • semi-lit to literate. casual texting is fine for me though if we're not plotting or anything like that
  • i have discord, kkt, line and twitter but I'll try out different platforms!
  • no ghosts pls!!
  • feel free to pm me. 
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