lf: male partner for light hearted wholesome plots


everyone seems to be looking for that hardcore daddy dom, but not me. i just want a funny dork for simple wholesome plots. could it be you i'm looking for?


hey all, so i seem to have a little free time on my hands and have been in the mood for some light hearted plots.

details you'd need to know:

  • looking for a male fc (your fc is your choice, as long as you're comfortable with it. but if you're stuck, i have a few that preferred ones)
  • i have a few regular fc (rv irene, bp rosé and members of twice) but if you've got any strong preferences please let me know, i'm quite flexible with fc
  • i write 3rd pov, usually i mirror reply lengths
  • timezone: i'm from a neutral tz, plus and minus are both welcome 
  • please be 21+ as i am oa and open to some nsfw content in the plots. nobody wants a case from this
  • platforms: line (my main), fb messenger and dc would be a very last resort

i've got a few plot in mind, but would love to have someone to discuss ideas with. interested? please dm or leave comment with your preferred platform and id. i'll message you as soon as i can. 

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