Lf: y writers to do y plots


Gonna get straight to the point so if this catches your attention, hi. I'm looking for other writers to write dark/ centric plots. I don't care who your fcs are, but if you're looking for pwp, then this ad isn't the one for you. I'm only on IG, so give me your @ either in pm or down below. I don't care who your FC is, whether they're f or m. 

My fc is Baekhyun, and I won't be taking recommendations, sorry! I play him as a switch, dom lean. You can pick which FC you want, but if you wanna take some recommendations: Daewhi (please, I'm begging), Taeyong, Taeyeon, and Seulgi (again, I'm begging on my knees for this one). 

I think that's it? We can discuss plots/kinks in pm! 

Hope to hear from you soon!


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