m dom lf female partners.


twitter + discord only.


heavily based twitter/discord rper here, looking for literate and descriptive partners. 

  • i'm 26 ooc, so i am only looking for people older than 20 ooc.
  • in neutral timezone. 
  • dominant and straight. 
  • fcs switch between 2pm junho and monsta x shownu. note: on dc, i will not have my icon as who i am fcing. just use your imagination.
  • i don't mind who your fc is as long as they are not born after 2000. preference for big t*tties tbh. ♥
  • my muse's age ranges between 28 - 34.
  • i'm rather selective. i expect at least a decent paragraph for replies with descriptive language and no god-modding whatsoever. 
  • i prefer writing with those close to me in timezone, or slightly behind me. will still accept those outwith those timezones!

rp details/wants:

  • i have a long list of kinks. some of my faves: squirting, lactation, pregnancy, public , , watersports (receiving), ddlg, spit, general messiness. i have a comprehensive list of kinks/limits i can send. 
  • pwp is my speciality and is most preferable to write honestly, so feel free to hit me up just for that.
  • for a plotted rp, ideally i would like to do an a/b/o (omegaverse) rp, starting off with lots and lots of and preferably leading up to a birth scene (i don't have any real plot for this, we can discuss it or just focus on the ).
  • some other vague plots i like include: school (teacher x student / student x student), office (boss x secretary), public (bar/nightclub). 
  • please feel free to suggest any other vague plot ideas/backgrounds!

message me with a brief bit of info about yourself (including your ooc age) and your twitter/discord handle.

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