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NameHwang Yeonhoon

Birthdate. January 26th, 1997

Birthplace. Jeju, South Korea

Hometown. Seoul, South Korea

Nationality. Korean

Ethnicity. Korean


Korean / Native


Faceclaim. Seventeen's Wonwoo

Height. 182 CM


Talent Twins. ?? (??)


uality. Panual
Love Interest. Open for males and females.



Warm friendly vibes.
A big bear.

Yeonhoon was born in Jeju, South Korea as the third and youngest child of a family.



NameWatanabe Rina

Birthdate. November 4th, 2000

Birthplace. Sakurajima, Japan

Hometown. Sakurajima, Japan

Nationality. Japanese

Ethnicity. Japanese-Korean


Japanese / Native

Korean / Fluent


Faceclaim. AESPA's Giselle

Height. 166 CM


Talent Twins. Dreamcatcher's Gahyeon (Vocal, rap, dance)


uality. Biual
Love Interest. Open for males and females.



Seems naive but isn't.

Born and raised in Sakurajima, Japan to a Japanese father and Korean mother who were both geologists on the island.
Dreamed of becoming a geologist like her parents while growing up.
Was scouted by DAL Media while on a trip to Seoul, South Korea to visit family.
Initially didn't want to audition for DAL Media, but was convinved to by her cousins.
Before joining DAL Media, Rina had never sang and had never lived in a big city for more than a month.
While training, Rina had times where she didn't believe she wanted to continue as a trainee and wanted to return to Japan to attend university.
She had a hard time, often feeling out of place and like she didn't belong, until she met a trainee who truly made her believe she was meant to be there.

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NameMorohoshi Asuka

Birthdate. March 9th, 2001

Birthplace. Tokyo, Japan

Hometown. Seoul, South Korea

Nationality. Japanese

Ethnicity. Japanese-Filipino


Japanese / Native

Filipino / Fluent
English / Fluent
Korean / Semi-fluent


Faceclaim. ANGERME's Sasaki Rikako

Height. 166 CM


Talent Twins. ANGERME's Sasaki Rikako (Vocal, rap, dance)


uality. Lesbian
Love Interest. Open for females.



Looks intimidating but is actually a big goof.

Asuka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan to a well of family who owned a large fashion brand.
From a young age, Asuka was thrown into every and all classes she wanted to, initially setteling on dance and bass lessons.
When she was in middle school, she joined the music club and joined a band called 'The Moving Castle'.
Asuka was an active member of this group until she was told that she would be moving to Seoul, South Korea with her family as they would be opening a brance of their brand in Korea.
After moving to Korea, Asuka decided to focus more on her dancing as she felt lost playing bass without her group.
She deciced to start auditioning for entertainment companies when she was sixteen as she had been persuaded to by one of her dance teachers.



NameJu Yeonseok

Birthdate. April 21st, 2001

Birthplace. Incheon, South Korea

Hometown. Incheon, South Korea

Nationality. Korean

Ethnicity. Korean


Korean / Native


Faceclaim. BDC's Junghwan

Height. 181 cm


Talent Twins. SF9's Jaeyoon (Vocal, dance)


uality. ???
Love Interest. Open for males and females.



Soft boy, big goof.
Looks up to Twilight's Youngho, followed him to DAL Media.

Yeonseok was born and raised in Incheon, South Korea.
From a young age he was fascinated by idols and wanted to become one himself.
Because of this his mother decided to put him into dance and vocal lessons where he seemed to excelle.
He was scouted by JYP Entertainent when he was ten where he became a trainee.
Yeonseok continued to train for ten years and trained under a handful of companies (JYP, Starship, SM) before finally landing on Dal Media.

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