What's the point of a title, no one will read this anyway

I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I'm disappointed. 

I was never one to really rock the boat on here, be popular, write well, pull anyone in by my writing, nor on the sister site, RR. 

I wanted to make my own roleplay, no one was interested. 

I wanted to make and do private rps outside of here, but those fell through too. 

I wanted to make friends and feel excited about rping and having people to talk to, again, just disappointed. 


So I thought, maybe, maybe reality would be a bit more welcoming. Nope. All I got was heart break, more disappointment, more frustrations, and now an incurable autoimmune disease that causes pain, swelling, and making my body look like it isn't mine anymore. 


I'm done with being in both physical and emotional pain. I'm done with hope and only finding disappointment. I'm done waiting for change. I'm angry, frustrated and just everything man. 


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Hai buddy dont be sad... All will be okey... You will make loads of good friends here... Dont be disheartened... God bless you...