so here's the thing.

So, I know a lot of you may know why I decided to put my stories in draft but I figured I at least owe you(who waited for my stories without knowing what happened) an explanation.

I had a twitter account and also a curiouscat. And one day, when I was all excited about my break, I shared the link of my curiouscat so I can interact with more people who may be shy.

But I received a comment that said : 'I don't like your fanfics, I prefer luvieforrv's'. 

So I told them to go to luvieforrv and say that they enjoyed reading their fics instead. But this person decided to argue back, saying that I have a weaker plot. 

And when I said I never asked their opinion, they blamed me for not being able to hear 'constructive criticism'. It was very humiliating and offending because they even said that I tend to conspire against straight men which have nothing to do with my fics. And I felt very terrible when this issue affected my friend luvieforrv too. I

It was very, very emotionally draining to go through. The person sent me messages to force me to accept their apology that I didn't want. And I got terrified that they found my other account after I blocked them so I had to deactivate two of my accounts and create a new one. That was when I thought I'd had enough.


I know it's inevitable. As long as you post something, there's always someone who'll dislike it, hate it, and judge it. But still, it's different when you actually have to go through all that. 

I'm not going to ask anyone not to judge or hate my writing because I doubt that'll work. But I just wanted to say that it's not constructive criticism when you're just giving an opinion that I never asked for, and your intention obviously isn't to help me improve my writing. You're just trying to make me write the way you like. There's no such thing as 'best writing' and 'the right way to write'. 

Though I know I need improvement. I know that better than anyone. I'm trying to figure out the 'how' part and if you don't know either, just don't read my horrible stories. I never forced anyone to read them. I just love writing and sharing with people who find comfort in them.


Thank you to those who worried about my well-being instead of pressuring me to republish. I still love writing, and I still love it when people find comfort in it so I figured it's more than enough for me to keep writing. So truly, thank you.


-Sincerely, MeloMera.


p.s. I've currently finished chapter 5 of my upcoming story. I'm planning to publish all chapters at once so hope to see you soon!


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Aejoo_ #1
Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope the comments here bring you the strength and motivation for you to be yourself. The person who messaged you was clearly either a male hetero troll, very upset with their life or simply had not education or a mental illness. It's vERY difficult but we somehow have to accept this in our life, not everyone is educated the same way, not everyone has the same culture. I hope this words give you strength somehow. I also read luvieforrv stories, but I will NEVER say one is better than the other, that's ridiculous, you are 2 different ppl, 2 different styles, even different chapters are different... I am just so very much thankful for you both. Both of you are honesty all this fandom has left on this website and what is holding us together sane to wait for this new cb. I will wait with respect for your next chapter/works. Hope you can forget about that stupid comment and move on stronger.
Hi! Thks for being brave and sharing ur experience but based on my own opinion I think ur stories are really nice, just that each person has their own tastes! Sry to hear abt this but I hope you can rebuild faith in ur own works again,, stay healthy!!!
omg, im sorry you had to go throught that.. i know it hurt you someways and terrified. omg i am mad.

and don't preassure yourself too much i think all your readers will understood ur situation. take ur time we all always wating patiently for you and not gonna rush you. stay healthy!!!
Hey, it's okay :). Don't pressure yourself too much. I'm sure all of your readers understood your situation. Take your time to write and do think wisely whatever that is good for your well-being. Take care of your mental health too. *pat your shoulder*. We will be waitin' whenever you're ready. Stay safe wherever you are <3.