Prey and Predator and City life hybrid, semi-lit to literate roleplay! Crime allowed, University involved, ABO added, Mpreg with restrictions, all ualities allowed! We welcome Internationals, too! And looking for Admins!

i'm planning to set it up and open it soon, but I don't know if it should be Mewe or Facebook, and if anyone has any questions I can answer just based on the title and what little information i have in here, so I can make it a roleplay were everyone wants to join!


  • ABO (Alpha, Beta, Omega)
  • Crime 
  • City Life
  • University
  • Animal Hybrids (All animals except for water based creatures, ex: whales, eels, fish, seals, etc) Predators are Alphas and Betas, Prey are Betas and Omegas
  • Dating, Engagement, Marriage, and Children all allowed with restrictions
  • Mpreg with restrictions
  • Based in the year 2041 in Staten Island, New York, USA
  • Techonology is mostly the same, just better. 


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Is this still opening?
I opened a roleplay this year and just thought I'd add some input, if that's alright. I started roleplaying in Facebook rps and really never deviated, but Facebook STILL has a bad habit of security checking rp accounts, sometimes making those accounts impossible to get into. We had to move after two of our members were hit with this just in case anyone else was. We tried MeWe and Skyrie and a few other places, but we didn't like the way they worked, per se. So in desperate times, we fell on the desperate measures of making our own website with Wix and its got its problems, but we were able to make it exactly what we needed without fear of having our accounts security checked or random people trying to friend our accounts. It also has the added bonus of the admins/creator getting to choose the guidelines and what was too much to post. I'm not saying its for everyone, but its certainly something to consider! ^^
Do mewe for sure !!