Prayer Requests (taking in)

"Prayers are the purest form of love"


There are so much issues in the world right now and perhaps there might be some here that really, really needs a prayer for themselves or their families.

I believe in the power of prayer and so I wanted to ask if anyone is here who would love to ask for a prayer in your life.

You can either comment or DM.


There has always been a struggle, as humans to understand our souls and the like. If anyone wants to chat up about that as well, I'm open. I would love to hear about this as well.



In case you're wondering, I am a Christian ♡ but I believe prayers can never be one religion.


Remember that you are loved :)


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Oh my gosh this is so sweet 🥺🥺
This is such a sweet and kind gesture . You're amazing. Keep up the good work
Thank you for this 🥺🥺❤❤