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vid19's been pretty rough ngl. so i thought i'd post this ad to add a bit of spice into my life. so basically, i'm looking for a group of friends (or a friend, having one would be great tbh) where we can just chill and vibe. 

i'm very much a vocal person and i'm pretty opinionated. would love to talk about social issues, injustices, and just political things in general. this would most likely include: 

- feminism 
- blm
- cultural appropriation within the kpop industry 
- etc

not really looking for a roleplay kind of thing, but i do fc males most of the time. and i don't really mind your fc either hahah. i'm pretty sarcastic and love joking around - but when we get close, i do be a crackhead. i'm a self-taught dancer ooc, so if you dance we should deff vibe. i also play plato or any mobile games, so if you're into that, let's try it outtt.

if you'd be down for this, just message me on dc @mayoyuuki#0819 or twt @optiondecisions - if you have any other platforms, just send me a dm and i'll get right to you! :) 


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