I'd Like To RP Literate again

Well hi! I have been RPing for quite 9 years and I have loved RPing on the semi-literate/literate side. 

I am looking for someone who shares the same interest as me and probably we can improve each other's writing. Also along the way maybe become good friends too. I am a Male RPer and my FC usual FCs are Kim Seonho, Jay Park, Gray and Lee Doohyun. My preffered FCs to rp with would be  Kwon Eunbi, Jeon Boram(model), Kim Seolhyun, Kathy Zheng, Park Jihyo, and Tzuyu. But FCs for you can still be discussed except for my FCs for me, unfortunately, its a given since I am most comfortable rping them.

Oh I can do both , fluff and relationship based plots even up to quite the plots too. FWB based plots are also very much appreciated too. I am not one to shy away from something new. And to be honest I do lean more on the ting side so if you're interested into that too, I am game. I tend to be on the dominant side. 

Though my limits would be gore, golden shower, extreme bandage or excretion of the sort. One last thing I am a straight rper too.

My main platform is KKT.

Please don't ghost me cause if for one week, with no replies or reasons why, I will consider whatever plot we have a forfeit.

So if you are interested please do PM me:

Your FC, KKT user ID and we can discuss everything else in the chat.


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I message u