To All My Readers~! (Please read)

Hi everyone~

This will be a lengthy post so please have patience. Here are the current status update of which fic I am planning to update soon, will possibly be deleted and left untouched. :) 

I announced a few weeks ago that I might stop writing again but luckily, circumstances have changed and I would be able to write until further notice. Right now, I have a few ongoing TaeNy/YoonHyun fanfics that I'm planning to update. Some fics will be deleted again, like what I did last year. From 40+ to 10+ fic. Hopefully not as much deletion as I did before. So here goes.


Currently Ongoing: 

Rescue Me - TaeNy/YoonHyun fluff romance. Unsure yet how many chapters to go.

On Paper - TaeNy collection. 2 sequels to go before I stop updating this for good. 

Nevermind - YoonHyun fluff two shot. I'm trying to write the ending for this and will try to complete it this week.

Scared To Be Lonely/The Story of US - TaeNy fluff/romance/angst that is technically completed but I will try to add a oneshot Tiffany POV once inspiration strikes. 

Beauty and Madness - TaeNy/YulSic/YoonHyun ongoing romance//fluff fic that is on hiatus for a few months now. Sorry in advance readers. I will try to write the ending soooooooon.


Might Be Deleted/Currently on Draft: 

Luna: Nocturnal's Diary - I was originally planning on making this interactive after The Session worked but changed my mind halfway. Story was about Kim Taeyeon, a retired lead vocalist of a well known band who suffers from an accident. His ex came back and encourage him to go back to the band. 

If You Wanted A Song(Story) Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask - This is a request based fluff TaeNy story. I have done 2/7 requests I received. I have messaged the requesters that I'm not continuing this but I am still thinking about this.  The requests that has been finished has been reposted under En·tre nous and We Belong Together

Musings of a Deranged Mind - SNSD OT9 fic about the dark side of kpop. Was only able to write Taeyeon's POV. Kinda disturbing and not for the faint hearted. If you have read Nine Lives of SNSD, this is inspired by that fic. Not as gruesome as that though. 

Stephan's capades - ManFany centered fic with lots of :D Was only able to write 3 different muses - Jessica, Sooyoung, Taeyeon but was shelved due to lack of support. I'm also unsure what I wanted to do with this.


Completed/Will Be Left Available for Reading in AFF: 

Pleasure Contract - longest TaeNy/YulSic/YoonHyun I've ever written and the most beloved by readers. :D

The Session - TaeNy oneshot/interactive . Cool stuff for me. :D

Swingers?- TaeNy/YulSic onehot FOURSOME . This was requested though.

Three - TaeNySica three shot cause why not? I know, my readers love , I guess. :p

Conspiracy - TaeNySica fluff that I recently finished. Ending is not high up on my expectation but maybe I'll rewrite if I feel like it.

It's a Spur of the Moment Thing - TaeNy oneshot collection from college days. :D One of my personal faves.

Midnight Romeo - TaeNy oneshot romance

Better With You - TaeNy oneshot fluff romance with a twist. 

Catfished?: Just Another Online Story - cute fluffy TaeNy two shot fic. 

It's Better If We Just Let it Go - TaeNy angst fic inspired by TaeNy dating issue in 2014. If you wanna read an earlier fic, I kind of recommend this. 

Bittersweet Revenge/"Can you write a song for me?" - TaeNy fic I wrote way back. Embarrassing and not well written. :D


Upcoming Fic: 

High Class e -  Tiffany Hwang’s services are needed by Mr. Kim Taeyeon at his US business trip. Posted now.

Gibberish - TBA

Untouched - TBA

Wake Up Call - TBA



This will be my idea dump now since the poll is closed. You may find spoilers here.

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