Looking for three Co-Admins for a brand new Virtual Reality styled Roleplay!

Hey, how are you? I guess since I'm asking for help, and you've clicked this link out of curiosity, I should take this chance and turn that curiosity into interest, huh? 


Well, I don't have much compared to how much the roleplay needs to be completed, let alone open. 


First, the Roleplay's name is Essense of Seoul. It's based in a modern Seoul, South Korea, though slightly more technologically advanced in the game department. 

The game, Essense, is owned and was created by the gaming company, Embers. The game is an open world virtual reality, so everyone gets two characters. An animated character, for when they are in the game, and their face claim. When the players hook up to their gaming consoles, their minds occupy their chosen character and they experience everything first hand like an extremely advanced VR system. They feel the sensations, all 5 of their senses are affected, and the only sensation that is muted is pain, letting the players only feel about 5% out of 100% of the pain. 

I also have the world halfway if not fully planned out, though tweaks can also be made. 

The positions I'm looking for is one Event Planner, One Graphics, and one Assistant admin!

If your interested, please message me here on this account, and please have one of the platforms listed below!


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