bungo stray kids 🐺 。[ a semi-lit kkt based skz rp! ]

bungo stray kids. 
a kkt based skz roleplay
about us
welcome! we're a non-au, semi-lit stray kids roleplay based on kakaotalk. you must have kakaotalk to join!
O1: ooc and ic are strictly separate. this WILL be a part of a ||| strike system. please keep ooc drama outside of ic, in fact, please don't even bother to bring it at all. you will be kicked. O2:  we encourage plotting and literacy in our group, being just 8 members it is not too challenging to keep up with chats, so please interact with everyone as much  as you can. O3: keep all content in the chat and in pms. O4: there is a week dating ban. O5: your admins are felix and lee know, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please reach out to them! O6: activity WILL be moderated and established with a three strike system as well. as least interact every two days, three days is a strike, your second strike we will message to check up on you, and third is a kick. . O7: the password is the last thing you ate. O8: ship / dom / bottom chasing is prohibited and will be addressed if behaviour is exhibited. O9: don't be afraid to inquire if you are unsure of any rules! 1O: please fill out the application to join!
how to join
O1: fill out the following and drop in the comments!


  ?: (y/n)

O3: please wait for an admin to reach out with their ID code, add them so they can to add you into the groups.
admin taken reserved

lee know. felix. hyunjin. bangchan. han. in. Seungmin.
none atm.


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