8 Facts About Me

Thank you Nina for tagged me!


Here you go!


1.  I'm an introvert. I really love spending my time alone. The thought of going out and meeting people outside exhausted me. I really enjoy doing house chores as well. 

2. Ever since I turned 20, I've never yelling or screaming at people when I'm mad. The last time I did, I was 19. After that, I ate two large portion of burger. Later, I realized it wasted my energy and money. So, I learned to control myself. 

3. It's kinda unexpected, but I don't like surprises, especially birthday surprise. It makes me uncomfortable when I become the center of attention. 

4. I usually eat meat twice a month. I barely eat chicken or seafood either. Mostly, I eat rice and vegetables. I really love bread. 

5. I'm obsessed with rain and night. Like, really really really obsessed. 

6. I hate PDA. But I'm kinda clingy and affectionate person when no ones watching. 

7. Aside from EXO and TWICE, I'm a really big fan of Gun n Roses, Queen, and Paul Anka. I grew up listening to their music. Especially, GnR. 

8. My close friends described me as "the most random person ever" LOL


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