8 Facts About Me

I was tagged by rosypeaches, I don’t know if people would be interested but I don’t want to ruin the fun, Soooo let’s give this a go! I’m also tagging suhashiny, vanillasushi, cosmogryal_xo, pawlinne17, xoxoayonimous, WholesomeBTSFan, bluestone, jeahyunnova, and Hunniepieee to join this. 


  1. I’m complicated noisy person. sometimes I just go with the flow and be passive but there are times I step out and be a bigger person, Normally, if they have complaints or they just want to bargain with the boss they usually turn to me, I babble about it then if things don’t go our way, I was the only one on the bad side then they’ll just agree to what the boss say like they didn’t complain before ( annoying people, but hey I love them) I have limited number of Close friends and Best Friends cause I believe that Quality over Quantity 
  2. I graduated Mass Communications, but that was just out of spontaneity why? Cause I was supposed to take Political Science, but during enrollment period, I thought of Changing course, Then upon scanning the cues I was just looking for the shortest lines. Then I saw the  Mass Communication booth, I thought Mass Comm would be fun. So yea. So dumb. But I finished it on time. I just at drawing hahaha! 
  3. I have 7 dogs (Labradors and zu) and they are good friends. Hahaha! 3 cats, 4 pairs of Birds, and they all coexist in our house. Crazy House. Hahaha
  4. I love musical Instruments and Classical Music but I didn’t reciprocate the love that I have, I have a Piano, a Violin and a Guitar ( I can’t reach Chord B, for some reasons but my fingers are not short so I don’t know what happened) then I shifted to K- Pop, Mando Pop. Honestly I’m half Filipino but I didn’t have any Interest on Filipino Music (Sorry Really) 
  5. I’m half Filipino but also half Chinese, I’ve been living in the Philippines for as long as I can remember. But I cannot read Filipino Text out-loud. I can read it on my own. But don’t even dare to read in front of other people. I barely passed my Filipino subjects. My mother Tongue is English, then Filipino. (Actually, it was Mandarin ( we are not allowed to speak Tagalog when my Dad and his side of the Family is around when I get was younger ) Now, I can barely speak, Mandarin, I can’t enter the house without saying a Chinese Phrase (I know more Korean sentences and can even hold a conversation in Korean than Chinese. )
  6. I’m such a ‘bookworm’ I love reading! AFF consumes 70% of my Screen Time, I’ve ‘seen’ authors come and go ( 7 years in AFF) what saddens me is that when they go they Deactivate, and no more stories to look back and re-read again ( pleaseee don’t deactivate just leave the stories accessible to be read) 
  7. I have fears when it comes open waters, when we go to the beach I just usually stay by the shore. I cannot eat Bean Sprouts, Whenever I eat it I’ll end up having Fever, but there are times that I cannot be really picky so my best Friend is Paracetamol. I love Coffee, Milk Tea, Pizza, Chicken, Dumplings, Chinese Burgers, Almond Milk, Soy Products, Ice Cream ( I even eat Ice Cream during winter ) 
  8. Lastly. The Fandoms. Hahaha! I’m a VIP, Blackjack (Hi Daragon Fans), Ahgase, Exo-L (  Kris, Tao, Sehun), NCTzen ( thanks to the Bluestone who’s introducing me to new groups  I honestly read her stories without knowing how do they really look like unless they are in photo, but now I google it hahaha) and just Recently SF9 and Golden Child. When I’m reading, I just read what ever the author has on the list, read thru all or most of it. Hahaha


I’m obviously a chatter box. Hahaha! I hope you didn’t get annoyed by this one.

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