Happy and Sad

I've had the most amazing 2 weeks with the love of my life who lives on the other side of the world.

She made me the happiest person on the planet when I proposed and she said yes.

Asianfanfics and Girls Generation made us aware of each other's existence in the world and now, a few years later, we want to spend our future together.

But today she had to go back home and I have to stay here with all the amazing memories and the sadness of looking around my house and not seeing her there.

I miss her so much, but knowing that someday in the future she will be my wife makes it less painful.

Thanks to everyone who's supported us.


Have a nice day ^^


Thir13en aka Princess-Caro's fiancé



Also, I'm already working on some of the stories and I will update as soon as I have them ready.

Thank you for your patience ^^

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