Dear Sulli - To the angel we all didn't deserve.

As I'm sure everyone must know by now, there was recent news stating the passing of Sulli from f(x). 

To first cross off the list, I was absolutely heartbroken when I heard that was what happened. I was never really a hardcore fan of f(x), but I always did like them, and to know the very girl I had no inclination as to why she got so much hate, took her own life because she was unhappy and in pain hurts me like no tomorrow. 

To know all those cyber bully's only now realize the impact of their venomous words, to know that they suddenly regret their line of action. But once you've wounded someone so heavily, there's no coming back from it. I mean, do your legs grow back after being detached from your body? no, and what society did, what all those people did, was de-grade a perfectly good, talent human, for no reason. She was an angel, a blessing, something none of us deserved and we took it for granted. She practically gave us her heart, and instead of relishing it, taking care of it, we helped bury it.

And what hurts the most about this entire situation, is the fact that its happened before. We hate this, don't we? we all want to make a change, but why do we always have to lose something to realize that? its all like one big headache, constant and utter aching.

I hate this, I do, but it's happened and I have to be positive about it. She's at peace. She can finally feel happy. She can finally see the way people miss her. She can finally bathe in the feeling of being in paradise. No more pressure, no more society. 

It's right, because after this, I don't want to tolerate cyber bullying and companys not owning up to their personal mistakes. Yes, it may not be entirely sm's fault, but they need to take responsibilty for their idols. , this is the second one for gods sakes! obviously they arent okay, and in need of time to take care of themselves and their mental besides physical well-being. 

I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm disappointed, and I'm devasted. because Jonghyun should have been the last angel us as a society made leave.

We need to cherish our idols. Cause in the end, they're what make us happy, they're ones that constantly makes us feel different emotions in a good way. So why can't we do the same? no pressure, no negative comments. Just love, and understanding. 

A petition for the cause of our idols, so we can keep them, so they'll stay with us. I just can't, I really can't handle this situation. It's so much. I hate the world but I just want there to be love for our idols. I just want them to stay.

Sigh, Rip Sulli. Your soul was beautiful, amazing, expressive, and I'm sorry everyone was so late to appreciate that. May you be the happiest you've ever been up there, god is going to take care of you now. I love you, Angel Sulli, please forgive me, and I'll always remember you ❤

lastly, a message to society, and kpop fans in general; please, please think of the ways we can help others. Spread kindness. Positivity. Not hurtful comments. We can never let this happen again. We, as a community, will and SHOULD do everything in our power to help our idols. 

So lets start, shall we.


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May she rest in peace