This is what I really wanted to comment, but I didn't

I like what you could do so thanks. I said I wasn't going to say anything, but I've been on AFF longer than most people and I have used more graphic shops more than most people if you look at all my stories. I have never had a problem with any of them and I always make sure I read the rules several times and I always provide pictures if that is what the user wants me to do. Why have an option for other on your request site than have us type what we want and don't even know what a cover is? Then I explain to you the nicest and best way I could because no one ever asked that because it's an option at their shop, than you get an attitude. I was being my normal nice self, but every message you sent me gave had an attitude attached to it even when I sent examples of what a cover is. I read all your rules and I even took in consideration at what styles you couldn't do. I even looked at most of your posters because I think they are very well done and I could better explain the style I want if I tell the artist what posters I like. You have no idea how many hours it takes me to find HD pictures so the artist doesn't have to do that part. So how about a rule you should put in the next time you open. Don't ask me for something I don't know. That could save everyone a lot of damn time and don't worry about me ever coming back. I'm a different kind of author. There is only but so much crap I'm going to take from someone. It took a lot of strength for me not to read your last message because I don't have time to get pissed off at people I don't even know or will ever see. And fix your damn gramma if you're going be rude at the end of the message of my poster. "You did, aren't you?" It's "You did, didn't you?" Thank you again.
Mind you this person clearly said, he cannot do anything happy or romance or fluff type stuff. My story is about Magic, which is dark. Then he had the nerve to ask did I read the rules. Did he read his own request sheet?! He put options where users can put what we want. I put cover because every shop I've been to since AFF made that a thing has it on there. Every message he sent was going down hill after I tried so hard to tell and show him what a cover is. I even put my other posters and covers that people made for me. He told me what he was going to do and basically don't expect much, like really?! He even put how much hate he had to consume after doing the poster as a note and asked if I read the rules.
The only comment I put was "Got it, thanks", after I copied it and deleted it because I just don't have the energy to argue with KeyBoard Warriors aka Online Thugs that only say crap on a screen, but nowhere else. It's bad enough that some graphic shops make some rules that don't even make sense nowadays. Like I've seen some that with all their rules no one basically can request. I even seen some where if they don't like the description of your story because it's not inspirational, they have the right to not except. How about work with them on what the story is trying to convey if artist don't fully understand before deciding something like that. That person could of sent in their request and waited only to be turned down for that reason. How about read some of the story to get an idea? I totally get why rules became stricter because there are authors that take advantage of designers who work really hard. But don't make rules where you can't get business. I agree if there are some genres you can't do then fine let us know. Payment of karma as long as it make sense, fine. Comment before and after pick up, I'm cool with that. Using what the designer made for a certain amount of time even though I personal use all of theirs forever, I totally get it. I usually make friends with all the desingers and I even have personal ones.
I'm not saying anything bad about other designers because I always had amazing experiences with them, but this one really pissed me off.
I spent days just trying to tell someone what a cover is and even telling them why AFF decided to do covers in my opinion and showing what an designer did for me... I'm the type of person that gives more details than I should because I don't want the designer to get confused, but that's me. Apparently I wasted my time. This person designs are amazing and it reminds me of the ones I saw when I first started making stories, but that damn attitude needs to go.
Once again I'm not saying anything bad about other desingers, just this one. It's sad that I have to repeat it again. but there are readers that I call Select Serena, who only read but a little and not the whole thing then select a few words or sentence and come up with a conclusion that was nowhere what the person actually typed. Don't have the time or patience for people like that either. I wanted to put my experience I just received a few minutes ago and throughout this week with one particular desinger.


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