Honest Question, is fanfiction marketable?

Do you as a fanfiction reader/writer, think your time, effort, talent is worth money? Or is it something you want to provide to the world for free, for their viewing pleasure?

I am thinking about starting a blog/writing site designated to bring in income for reading fanfiction. I know, you're thinking, why should I pay for to read fanfiction when there are a plethora of sites designated to providing this content for free?

Think about it though, authors spend countless hours providing you entertainment. We toil over dialogue, descriptions, grammar, and styling to envoke your imagination and keep you entertained and wanting more. WHY THE HELL SHOULDN'T WE BE GETTING PAID FOR IT!

Even if it's a buck or so per read...hell if I had that, it'd be making a comfortable living now. 33.8K for each of my stories, over seven years.

If I could get $5 for every subscriber that's an addition 5.6K and $10 for every unique subscriber, that's over 8K there. 

I mean what isn't a better motivator to write than money? Right? 

If this was the case I would've made $47,844 thus far. That's an extra 6.8 grand in my pocket every. single. year.

Am I crazy for thinking this up? I think I can pull it off, but would people pay for the content?

Tell what you think?



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Hmm... good question actually. Honestly, I don’t think you’d be getting that much from it. If people have to pay to read what you’re writing, you’ll automatically sort out a ton of (young) readers.
If anything, if you have to think this one to the end; consider making a VIP subscription to the pages. Being a VIP follower of your blog for x$ per month these people could get early releases, extra content (bonus chapters) or a side character in your story just to mention a few possibilities. I think limiting yourself to paying readers only will screw you over more than benefiting you.
If you’re making your own page, you could add ads to get some money per view you get through google - given your readers don’t use Adblock.
You could sell your finished stories as printed books for extra bucks? Just an idea xD
This would be something I'm interested in. As a writer of both fanfiction and regular fiction, I always want to get people interested in my stories. I put a lot of effort into them, hours of writing, editing and then trying to get people to see that I'm taking it all seriously. Free sites are awesome but a dedicated space for people who'd like to make money from it would be great.