Gold Chain beneath your shirt - 1x1 Line/KKT Straight Roleplay Semi lit AU

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I have been out of the roleplay game for a while, but I really want to start again! I'm looking for someone who wants to plot and is in for an exciting story, that can contain everything from to fluff. I enjoy plots containing gangster/underground theme, master-slave and toxic relationships. Fluffier plots are also welcome, e.g. long lost first love meet again etc. I have a couple of plot ideas, but am always welcome to other ideas. As a general idea, I wrote one of my plot ideas at the end of this post.
You should have a dom male fc. I don't mind who you want to play, as long as the image of that person fits the story (e.g. no cutie for a gangster plot). 
I always decide on my fc depending on the story as well, so if you want me to play someone specific, I'm fine with that as well. 
My female fc are usually submissive and a little shy, yet smart and calculating. Don't expect you can do anything to her without a fight. She knows what she wants, but doesn't always get it. These characteristics vary by the plot tho. 

About me: 

23 years old / female / GMT+1 / semi-lit / rp on line/kkt

About you: 

Over 19 years old / female / male fc/ semi-lit


I hope you got a little curious and are interested in playing with me :D just send me a message with your Line/KKT ID


Plot #1
She is from a rich family. Even though her father always tried to keep his little princess out of these matters, she knew that they could thank the drug business for their riches. Her father was a well-known drugbaron, one of the three rivaling gangs in Korea. Her older brother was always supposed to take over the family business, and her father did not want her in danger. So she spent her life enjoying a luscious lifestyle, shopping everyday, having extraordinary parties and going to an elite university. She surely did not care that she wasn't taught anything about her family's business. Until that one fateful day. 
She just arrived at their beautiful mansion and entered it through the main entrance, when she noticed suspicious silence. As she called out for her family, nobody answered. As she entered the livingroom, she dropped her phone and bag in horror. Her family laid on the ground. Slaughtered. Dead. As she fell to the ground in shock, she heard her brother make noises. He looked over to her and whispered quietly. "Go to him" he said. He told her an address. "Leave, now" he said exhausted. 
She reached the address her brother gave him and rang the bell. Still crying and hyperventilating, she didn't know what else to do. Her clothes and face were covered in blood from her attempt to save her family. 
The man that opened the door was a good friend of her brother. He was in this business as well. But in another gang. Owing his life to her brother, he takes her in. 
That's the day she swore to herself that she will find the perpetrator and get her revenge. She will enter the business that stayed hidden from her, and work her way up until she finds that person. 
Meanwhile, he has to take care of this selfish girl and start teaching her everything about the business. Teach her how to shoot a gun. Teach her everything. All while trying not to get too close to her, as he is sure that the perpetrator is someone affiliated to his own gang.

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