nct 127 is cancelled

SM is ing cancelled that is.

I was trying to enjoy their japanese comeback, but instead I feel so angry??? so sad??? and so ing heartbroken. 

Johnny did not have one single line in End to Start, which could've been my favorite song of all time, but I just can't enjoy it. 


I'll write on Damned/Gifted yes... but if you're wondering why I'm so.... why I don't put out new stories or if I'm very quiet.... I am stressed and NCT does not bring me joy anymore. I cannot deal with things that are unfair, and I've had enough. 


Please tell me somebody understands??? I feel like I'm the only one. 


I will see if NCT 127's new comeback is anything good, but honestly... I just cannot enjoy their new song if I don't get to hear Johnny sing. I know he can. 



I'll probably delete this post after it's been ignored, but I'm just trying to reach out



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