My hand is soft.


And it’s for you to hold. ;)


want someone you can vent to? want someone to hold your hand and provide cuddles? want someone to game with? you found the right guy! i’ll even pretend to be your bf, let’s make that bread jealous.


i am: on the plus side of the world. up for casual conversations, or make it deep. semi–lit but not dry. fc guys and only dives into bxb relationships (don’t floor me). uninterested in a relationship but don’t be discouraged to try your moves on me. i’m a d*m!b*ttom, but there are times where i succumb into little space. loves gaming and cpdp–ing. i do exert efforts into conversing so if you don’t, i might ghost on you. if you do ghost on me, i’ll reflect on my actions (aka i understand and it’s absolutely fine).


i am looking for: anyone. i’m just really lonely and my sns is close to rotting and growing houseflies. i’m funny, i promise. be my friend and you won’t regret a thing. slide into my dm’s and drop me your kkt id. yes, i’m currently only available on kkt. hope to hear from you soon!

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