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yul's Euikyeol
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//// you're really testing my patience ////
full name / Ran Euikyeol
other names / 
► Eui, Kyeol, Kyeolie, Yeol, Yeolie
► Ran
birthdate / 10|23| 1993
home country / Yul
race / Beorc
languages / 
► Korean
//// you think I actually care about dalbyeol? I am just trying to survive. ////
face claim / nu'est jr
backup / -----
appearance / 
► ----
fashion sense / 
► Euikyeol wears black pants with black boots. He wears a navy shirt under a black leather military style jacket with silver buttons on it. His jacket has a few different straps unbuckled and some snapped close. He has a few navy colored belts wrapped around him to hold his swords and one around his waist. Yul's national crest is embedded on the back of his jacket.
//// what are you doing? I'd rather high-five your face. ////
character traits / 
positive; calm, intelligent, brave, charming, observant, cunning, perfectionist, independent, & reliable
neutral; loyal, honest, kind, hard-working, responsible, stubborn, quick-witted, neat, & rational
negative; tactless, distant, cold, harsh, sarcastic, blunt, moody, impatient, & jealous
elaboration / 
► yeah told have didn't do this. i mean you'll see in the story... 
► spoiled rich kid... idk the story will show his background better than my lame explaining it.
relationships / 
► Choi Taejoon|Beorc|Trueblade|Fire| They are friends, probably Euikyeol only friend at this point. Euikyeol sees him as a brother and someone to talk to when he needs help. Taejoon often teases Euikyeol about his 'girl' problem often dragging him out to pubs to see him panic and drink himself into a cute dork version of himself. 

(like stated on the cheat sheet he's open for anyone who wants him.)
trivia / 
► likes; books, weapons, cats, rain, stars, working out, drawing, studying, reading, alcohol, games, puzzles, riddles, & fruit

►dislikes; stupid questions, little kids, brats, jerks, being told what to do, social parties, losing, being late, people who are late, repeating himself, & messes

►hobbies; reading, making maps, taking walks, playing card games, solving puzzles, making tactician plans, drawing, & working out

►habits; falling asleep while reading often under a tree or outside, talks to himself, sighs a lot, flicks people on the forehead when they annoy him, pats someone's head when they do a good job, bites the inside of his cheek when worried, throws things when he upset, his ears get red when embarrassed, stutters when nervous or embarrassed, & runs his hands through his hair when frustrated. 

►can write with both hands
►can't handle his liquor well - he likes it but can't drink
►when drunk he's very friendly, cute, clingy, & childish
►panics when girls show interest - socially awkward around girls 
►how does one flirt? please educate.
► collects books - mostly military tactician or novels
► draws a lot - it distresses him
►has manners, surprisingly .. just doesn't use them
►can cook very well
►can name any weapon put in front of him
► is good at drawing maps of different areas
► has a pet cat named tharja
►knows first aid
//// you're flirting with me. abort mission. shut down. walks away. ////
flight or fight/ Fight.
dawn or dusk/ Dawn.
loyalty or betrayal/ Loyalty
soulmate or enemy/ Neither, do soulmates really exist?
friendship or hatred/ Rectuantly, friendship
moral or immoral/ Moral
blood or bond/ Blood
sub-human or laguz/ Laguz
what does your character think of changkyun? / 
► "He's changed a lot from when we were kids. He's not a bad person, but some of his choices are questionable."

are they afraid of the medallion bringing forth the goddess wrath again?  / 
► "Of course, every child is afraid the goddess. I don't think she's real. I think it is stupid fairy tale parents tell children to scare them, but it is a scary thought to think about."

would you turn your back on everything you believe in to fight for what's right? / 

► "Only if it benefits me and my people in the long run. Right now, no. We can't afford it. We need Dalbyeol right now until we can survive on our own." 
would you save five strangers or one sibling? / 
► "I really hate stupid questions like this. You have to rationalize the fact that one of those strangers could be a sibling to someone and then a sibling to you could be a stranger. So really you'd be doing both if you just said save five people or just one. And then there is the ethical component of are you being selfish doing one or the other." 
//// yul////
class / Vanguard
affinity / Anima
weapon / Sword, Axe
uniform / 
► same as fashion.
a typical day / 
► He usually wakes up at the crack of dawn to work out and shower. He usually spends breakfast in his study, reading, or working on maps. Around nine, he'll go down to the training yards and supervise training unless he has meetings or patrol. Otherwise, he is usually in his study reading, drawing, playing with his cat, walking around monitoring, fixing problems, working on rebuilding the nation, and trying not to have to battle anyone. He might have to travel to Dalbyeol for a meeting or stay a day which he doesn't like. 
//// does it look like I care? ////
final words / hey. i hope you all like him. this was stressful to do. how do people do this? i am not as creative or good at decorating like jagi so hope this okay. 
scene reqs / 
► learning how to flirt from Taejoon. 
►plenty of panic sessions around his love interest
password / did you read the cheatsheet?
cheat sheet
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